Women of the Future

Web3 & The Metaverse

Women of the Future was launched in 2022 to celebrate the exceptional female trailblazers in the web3 and Metaverse spheres, using technology as a tool for positive impact in the real world.

Led by women who believe in empowering their peers, this initiative created a comprehensive platform to share the success stories of women who are shaping the future.

The representation and empowerment of women leaders and innovators is an important driver of progress and innovation in every industry.

We set out to create a platform that amplified the voices of diverse female change-makers, creating a narrative where everyone recognizes the influential role that women play in shaping our world.

The project culminated in a launch event at the Immerse Global Summit in Miami in December 2022, where it received a positive response setting the bedrock for future editions and brand extensions.


Olayinka Odeniran

Tommaso Di Bartolo

Anne-Marie Enns

Elizabeth Irizarry

Featured Women


Celebrating the contribution

of women across the globe.

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