The Women of the Future initiative is a platform that identifies and celebrates the achievements of women in emerging tech, providing a platform to showcase their success and inspire future generations.

Any women of any nationality who have proven success in creating impact via emerging tech, furthering the development of people and the planet for the greater good.

100 Women are selected from received nominations (either self nominations or on behalf of someone) and invited to participate. The selection process is done by a Board of Trustees who all vote anonymously to ensure no bias is displayed.  The selection is based on merit with impact, influence, community involvement, (specifically female-led initiatives) and use cases forming the base of the selection criteria. 

We are always on the lookout for sponsors, partners and ambassadors. For more information please contact us. 

Emerging tech refers to new or evolving innovations, tools, or methodologies in various fields that have the potential to significantly impact or disrupt existing markets, social structures, and industries. These technologies are typically in the early stages of development, adoption, evolution or commercialization and are characterized by rapid growth, significant investment, and heightened public interest. Emerging tech holds promise for solving complex problems, driving efficiency, or creating new opportunities in areas like, but not limited to, artificial intelligence, blockchain, renewable energy, finance, virtual and augmented reality, the metaverse, web3 and healthcare, amongst many others.

When choosing between the global and regional Women of the Future projects, consider your impact, goals, and focus. The global project has a wider reach but is limited to featuring only 100 women worldwide. Apply for this edition if your priority is global impact.

Meanwhile, the regional editions provide a more in-depth look into the women who are making a difference in a specific country or region. This focus allows for a diverse representation of industries and roles. Choose the edition that aligns with your personal and professional goals to make the most impact.

In order to qualify for a regional edition you need to either come from or live and work in that region. 

The benefits of being part of the Women of the Future program include becoming part of a growing community all focussed on building a better tomorrow, access to a network of influential leaders, media exposure, and opportunities for personal and professional development.

No, the Women of the Future program is exclusively for women. However, it is created in collaboration with male allies and advocates. If you know a male who champions equality and would like to add their voice to this initiative please contact us. 

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