Ada Jonuse has always believed in empowering underrepresented minorities and communities. She spent nearly a decade in politics, striving to impact the world positively. While working in the European Parliament and overseeing international ICT and entrepreneurship events, she recognized the power and potential of technology to change the future. After discovering blockchain technology in 2017, …

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Global (Vol-1)

Women of the Future was launched in 2022 to celebrate the exceptional female trailblazers in the web3 and Metaverse spheres, using technology as a tool for positive impact in the real world. Led by women who believe in empowering their peers, this initiative created a comprehensive platform to share the success stories of women who …

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Testalisa Sampleson

Any founder can recall times when they’ve been faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, and know the experience of truly questioning themselves and their idea. In these moments, I’ve found two things in my personal startup journey that keeps me pushing forward. The first is an unwavering belief in my business. I fully believe that what …

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