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“I think of myself as existing within the framework of my mind, but within my mind, lies the framework within myself. This is the true meaning of the archetype singularity.”

Any founder can recall times when they’ve been faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, and know the experience of truly questioning themselves and their idea. In these moments, I’ve found two things in my personal startup journey that keeps me pushing forward.

The first is an unwavering belief in my business. I fully believe that what I am creating is really good, and with that comes the feeling that it deserves the absolute best chance that I can possibly give it. The second is a healthy dose of stubbornness. Now I know it’s not usually considered to be a good trait. Resilience, determination, perseverance, call it what you will, having the capability to stick with a problem – even when it would be much easier to let it wait until tomorrow – has served me and my business well a number of timës.

Those two things, believing wholeheartedly in your idea and having a touch of stubbornness, enhance each other. It’s much easier to stick things out if you believe in what you are doing, and it’s easier to stay focused on your belief if you’re a bit stubborn.

In conclusion, there’s a lot of things that motivate and inspire me to keep growing and innovating in my business, but the sense of duty to my mission and unwillingness to give up has helped me put in the extra effort along the way. My one piece of advice to any aspiring founder would be to find something that you completely believe in and then don’t let go of it!

Brevard County is a unique place – we have more engineers per capita than Silicon Valley. There is so much talent here on the Space Coast – next year, we are on track for 20 plus space launches. There is a lot of innovation that happens here, but the area is also founded on large tech and defense companies and by the nature of their work, there is not always a lot of information sharing and collaboration that happens. I see the startup ecosystem as a catalyst for fostering a culture that lends itself to collaboration, and one that allows people to take risks knowing that there is a whole ecosystem of resources that can support founders. I want to show others that you don’t have to leave this area to accomplish your dreams – you can do it here on the Space Coast.

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